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Relapse prevention must start well in advance of any opportunity for it to occur. Relapse is a process that can start weeks or even months before the actual event. This timeframe makes it critically important for comprehensive relapse prevention treatment to incorporate social interactions, emotional triggers, and positive coping skills throughout the program. The goal behind relapse prevention is to identify and avoid risky situations that cause the individual to fall back into the habits and behaviors that initially led to substance abuse.

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The Three Stages

  • Emotional Relapse: At this early stage the individual has no specific thoughts of returning to using alcohol or drugs, but emotions and behavior are building up for a possible future setback. The warning signs during this stage include anxiety, anger, mood swings, intolerance, avoiding meetings, refusal to ask for help, defensive attitude, isolation, and poor eating and sleeping routines. This is the easiest stage to recover from.
  • Mental Relapse: The mental phase involves a serious struggle in your mind. In the mental phase, the individual is seriously considering using again. Some of the warning signs include hanging out with old friends, lying, creating fantasies about using, daydreaming about the places they once frequented, and even going so far as to plan how and when the drug use will occur.
  • Physical Relapse: It now becomes difficult for the individual to stop him or herself from using, which is why it is so important to recognize the early signs and address them when they occur. Otherwise, the person will likely yield to the temptations and return to their previous addictive behaviors. At this point, the patient must return to drug or alcohol rehab.


Prevention begins with taking good care of you. Good nutrition and adequate sleep each night will help you feel good. It’s important to practice relaxation skills every day. If you allow yourself to be pulled into emotionally draining situations that will tempt you to want to escape. Practice your coping skills and don’t let resentment build up. If you start to feel stressed, interrupt the feelings with a brisk walk or run. By practicing good personal habits, you can change the direction of feelings that may be leading you toward relapse.

Recovery Tools

One of the major benefits of professional drug reab treatment at Drug Treatment Centers Pompano Beach is the learning of good coping skills. Additionally, the patient builds self-esteem, recognizes their worth, and deals with the emotional disorders that contributed to their substance abuse issues. Some self-help tools include the following:

  • Strong coping skills
  • Development of communication skills
  • Social interaction skills
  • Self-discipline
  • Structuring daily life
  • Organizational skills
  • New behavior skills
  • Group therapy sessions

Relapse prevention begins with you and how you feel about yourself. If you are having any doubts or problems, don’t wait until you are close to relapsing to ask for help. Call Drug Treatment Centers Pompano Beach, FL at (954) 692-2178.

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