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Many people across the country suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder and addiction. Drug Treatment Centers Pompano Beach is a high-quality rehabilitation facility that treats addiction and behavioral disorders with effective therapies. If you or someone you love is suffering from OCD and addiction in the Pompano Beach or South Florida area contact us today for help.

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What is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

OCD is an anxiety disorder that causes people to perform compulsive behaviors. Irrational fear and anxiety drive these obsessive behaviors that may include anything from obsessive hand-washing to drug use. OCD and addiction are linked by their underlying compulsions. OCD and addiction require treatment at dual diagnosis centers equipped to treat both addiction and mental disorders.

How Does OCD Overlap with Addiction?

More than a quarter of the people diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder are also diagnosed with an addiction. OCD and addiction are fueled by underlying compulsions. People with OCD seek relief from their anxiety by performing compulsive behaviors. This relief, however, is temporary. People with addiction also feel compelled to perform behaviors that they know are negative and potentially harmful. While OCD and substance abuse occur together frequently, OCD internet addiction or OCD gambling are not uncommon.

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of OCD?

Symptoms of OCD vary from person to person. People with this mental disorder often have obsessive fears about germs or illness or show a preoccupation with numbers. Some people with OCD have irrational anxiety associated with driving. The main features of OCD are anxiety coupled with ritualistic behaviors. For this reason, signs of OCD are centered upon these ritual behaviors. People with OCD also require constant reassurance because of their anxiety.

OCD and Health

People who have OCD may have a lack of serotonin, a vital neurotransmitter. A diminished amount of serotonin is also associated with mental disorders like anxiety and depression. The stress and anxiety a person suffers with OCD can affect their health by increasing the risk of cardiac disease. Chronic stress may lead to symptoms like hair loss and skin rashes.


OCD and addiction share many elements. A dual diagnosis of OCD and drug addiction is not uncommon. For instance, if someone feels the need to drink alcohol at set times per day, they may be demonstrating the relationship between addiction and OCD. Alcoholism OCD and drug addiction OCD are frequently seen together. Many people seek relief from these substances. The problem occurs when taking a drug or alcohol becomes part of the OCD’s ritualistic behavior. Drug abuse treatment and OCD therapy can help.

OCD Drug Addiction

OCD and drug addiction may be different illnesses, but they can become seriously entwined. People with a drug addiction can become obsessive about their drug use, so much so that they may develop OCD. On the other hand, people who suffer from OCD may turn to drugs for relief from their fear and anxiety. When drug use becomes part of the OCD ritual patterns, it often results in dual diagnosis for both conditions.

OCD Alcoholism

OCD and alcoholism are also common. A person who suffers from OCD could be tempted to seek relief by drinking. When drinking becomes yet another compulsion for the OCD sufferer, addiction should be suspected.

Treatment for OCD and Addiction

Someone suffering from OCD and addiction can find help at a drug rehab center that specializes in dual diagnosis. Drug Treatment Centers Pompano has a staff of psychologists and addiction therapists that are trained to treat dual-diagnosis patients. With intensive one on one therapy and group programs individuals can manage both their addiction and mental health disorder. Addiction specialists and medical professionals will craft a plan that is ideal for treating individual patients with addiction and OCD.

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