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Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Pompano Beach, FL 
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If you suffer from co-existing disorders such as an alcohol addiction and depression, it is known as a dual diagnosis. When you have a dual diagnosis, both conditions must be treated simultaneously in order for recovery to be successful. At Pompano Beach Drug Treatment Centers, we understand that each patient has a unique struggle, as well as the importance of treating both illnesses at the same time. Treating only one condition will not be beneficial, as the other will continue to evolve and grow.

In many cases, the mental illness exacerbates or promotes the addition, causing individuals to self-medicate in order to avoid or alleviate the symptoms of their psychological disorder. In other cases, the addiction helps to create and worsen a mental disorder. Those with dual diagnosis typically suffer from mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, OCD, Schizophrenia, PTSD and personality disorders, among others.

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The National Alliance for Mental Illness estimates that about half of all individuals with severe mental health problems are also substance abusers. Statistics show that 53 percent of drug abusers and 37 percent of alcohol abusers suffer from a mental illness on top of their addictions. Approximately 29 percent of those diagnosed with a mental illness also abuse drugs or alcohol.

Seeking Treatment for Co-Occurring Conditions

At Drug Treatment Centers Pompano Beach, we provide patients with a variety of therapies that are integrated into their drug rehab program. Our doctors and mental health professionals work together to determine the best approach for your particular situation. This often involves using medications, therapy and behavioral management concurrently.

Certain medications are available that can help you battle your addictions. Some of these make the taste of the drug undesirable or create violent reactions if the drug is ingested. Medications also can help substance abusers during a period of detox to manage their withdrawal symptoms.

For mental illnesses, psychopharmacology is widely used. These medications must be administered correctly and each patient must be monitored to ensure that any and all side effects and interactions are attended to immediately. The patient’s well-being and comfort is carefully considered before they are prescribed any medication.

Dual diagnosis treatment at our treatment center also includes psychotherapy. Individual and group therapy help patients express their thoughts and emotions, while learning new coping skills and behaviors to take with them when they leave. Connecting with other patients helps to form common bonds and good support systems.

Relapse prevention training focuses on avoiding triggers and learning how to enjoy a life without the substances you were addicted to. For mental illnesses such as depression, for example, the focus will be on how to deal with dark times without turning to drugs or alcohol.

Ongoing treatment, medication management and support are essential for any recovering addict diagnosed with co-occurring disorders. Managing and maintaining your sobriety can prove difficult if these sources of support are not in place. If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse and is also battling with a mental disorder, now is the time to seek professional help.

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