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Drugs of Abuse Treatment Pompano Beach, FL 
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If you or someone you love has an addiction, Drug Treatment Centers Pompano Beach is a qualified facility that specializes in drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Drugs of abuse as well as alcohol use are on the rise among various demographics. To combat addiction, it is important to seek help from a certified treatment center. Call (954) 692-2178 today!

What are Drugs of Abuse?

Some of the most common drugs of abuse today include opiates like heroin, club drugs like MDMA, hallucinogens like LSO, and prescription drugs like Xanax. Marijuana, methamphetamine, and cocaine are also popular drugs of abuse that require therapy at a qualified addiction treatment center. Drugs of abuse are essentially drugs that can easily lead to addiction and have harmful effects on the mental and physical health of the user when abused.

What are the Different Categories of Drugs?

Drugs of abuse are classified into schedules by the US government. Their class or schedule refers to their level of risk for addiction and abuse. Heroine, for example, is classified as a schedule I narcotic. Schedule I and II drugs are known for their extreme risk for addiction. Even though schedule III and IV drugs might be legitimately prescribed by a doctor, they still carry a risk for abuse because of their addictive properties.

What are the Most Common Drugs of Abuse?

In South Florida and communities like Pompano Beach, heroin use is increasing. Researchers believe that the rise is due to the crackdown on prescription drugs. Since people are finding it more difficult to obtain the prescription drugs that are addicted to, they are turning in greater numbers to heroin. Other popular drugs of abuse include crack, Oxycodone, and crystal meth.

What are the Signs of Drug Addiction and Abuse?

Usually, someone experiencing a drug addiction will exhibit physical, mental, and behavioral symptoms. Someone abusing drug may seem confused, aggressive, and unstable. They may have lost weight and seem less coordinated than is usual for them. Someone addicted to drugs or alcohol might withdraw from their family and social circles. Some people might even steal or perform behaviors that are untypical for them.

Mixing Drugs

Sometimes, someone who compulsively uses drugs will use more than one substance to get high. Some users will rely on one drug for a certain feeling and the other to counteract the reaction. For example, one may be taking a depressant such as Klonopin and then using a stimulant such as cocaine in order to wake up. “Cocktails” is the coined term for a mixture of drugs used to achieve a certain affect. This is often the culprit of overdoses and heart failure because the body is unable to handle chemical imbalance.

Primary and Secondary Drugs of Abuse

In Pompano Beach and other South Florida localities, many users are supplementing their prescription drug habit with heroin. As addicts find it harder to obtain prescriptions medications, they are substituting heroin. Some people dangerously use MDMA with alcohol or stimulants like meth. These combinations can increase one’s risk for overdose or dangerous health complications. Anyone with a history of drug abuse or multiple drug abuse should seek help at a qualified treatment center.

How is Addiction to Drugs of Abuse Treated?

The first step in addiction therapy is detox. It is important for the addict to become clean from the drug and its harmful influence. The doctors of Drug Treatment Centers Pompano Beach devise a plan for each patients detox and will prescribe medication during detox as needed.

Detox medicine is carefully administered by nurses and throughout the entire rehabilitation process the medical staff monitors patients to ward off any complications should they arise. The physicians will prescribe tapers or other treatment medicine for the safety of the addict during withdrawal and allow their body to slowly adjust to working without the substances.

After the typical 15 days of medical detoxification, patients can begin their drug rehab treatment plan that involves group meetings and programs all day as well as one on one counseling. All programs aim to help patients understand addiction, how their personal addiction developed and how to prevent relapse in the future. Following the full rehabilitation program patients will set up an aftercare plan that may include outpatient care as well as housing in a sober living community.

Drug Treatment Centers Pompano Beach strongly believes in the utilization of aftercare programs because they allow patients to slowly adjust to lifestyle changes and provide support that encourages a healthy recovery. With sober living communities, daily group meetings and even one on one therapy relapse is less likely to occur.

With many addicts, leaving the treatment center is overwhelming because they go from a very structured and monitored living situation to having to monitor themselves. With a sober house and daily meeting there is continued monitoring and a less overwhelming temptation to resume old habits.

If you or someone you love is struggling to overcome the abuse of drugs or alcohol call Drug Treatment Centers Pompano Beach today and find out how you can receive the best possible care to overcome your individual addiction. (954) 692-2178


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