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Marijuana Dependence

Marijuana is often considered to be one of the more harmless illicit substances available. It also just happens to be the most commonly used drug in America. It is a Class B drug, ranking it lower in danger than the likes of heroin and cocaine. This classification can be misleading as marijuana dependence is a huge scourge on society today. While the effects in the short term are not fatal, long term marijuana dependence can lead to severe mental health issues, resulting in a large decline in the user’s quality of life and ability to function in society.

You can overcome your marijuana dependence. Drug rehab centers Pompano Beach are available and can provide you with quality treatment.

How Is Marijuana Consumed?

Marijuana comes in both leaf and solid form. The solid lump is also known as hashish and is often viewed as of lower quality than weed, which is the leaf version. It is rolled with tobacco into a cigarette and smoked or is inserted into a pipe or bong. Sometimes people use it as ingredient in baked goods such as brownies and consume it that way.

What Are The Effects Of Marijuana?

It is very much up for debate as to whether marijuana is an addictive drug. Some people are of the belief that the user becomes addicted to the tobacco and not the leaf. However, it is also a commonly known fact that abstinence from marijuana results in insomnia for the user, thus the belief by many that it helps them sleep.Effects from smoking marijuana can generally be felt within 30 minutes to 1 hour. The user may feel the following –

– Relaxed state
– Altered sense of time and being
– Giddiness
– Sleepiness
– Decreased reaction time
– Poor movement coordination
– Increased appetite

While the short term effects of marijuana appear to be quite pleasant,the long term effects are quite the opposite –

– Paranoia and social anxiety
– Depression
– Nicotine addiction ( from burning marijuana into cigarettes)
– Lack of motivation
– Disorganized thinking

In general, marijuana dependence is seen as the lesser of two evils but long term usage has some very sinister side effects. Acute schizophrenia is one of these effects.

Treatment for Marijuana Addiction

Counselling and talk therapies are the best solution based approaches to beating marijuana dependence. These services are available at drug rehab centers Pompano Beach. Groups like Narcotics Anonymous can also help users share their experiences with marijuana among like-minded people.