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Family Addiction

Ignoring a family addiction can be dangerous. When individuals struggling with an addiction don’t recognize there is a problem, solutions can’t be found because no effort is being placed toward the problem. The same thing happens with a family addiction. Oftentimes, when one family member is addicted, although they all know about it, nobody else will address it. Sometimes, one family member may address the family addiction but nobody else will show support.

Oftentimes families may ignore problems because they don’t want to hurt or humiliate the addict. Also, some individuals don’t know how to address these issues in a constructive manner. Addictions that have been ignored for too long can get worst until the point that it might be too late as it can deteriorate the user’s health and brain stability. For example, people who use heroin, prescribed medications or paint killers, cocaine, alcohol, and artificial drugs, or an amalgamation of these drugs have higher risks of death through accidental overdose, and they are generally more involved in life-threatening situations including driving under the influence, and suicide.

Addiction can send users the wrong path. It can change the individual’s behaviors, character, and lifestyle in a short period of time. Although some people show a transformation only after long term exposure to drugs or alcohol, they shouldn’t take that chance.

The solution is to learn and research as much as the individual can about chemical dependency and substance abuse treatment. It may be helpful to know about which options are available and be able to share this information with the entire family, that way they can be educated on the matter. When the family already has that knowledge, but struggles to confront the individual, the next step is to plan out an intervention. Interventions should allow everyone the chance to speak and share how they feel about the person struggling with an addiction’s behavior and how it has affected their lives. Having a calm and compassionate approach can help you and your loved one reach a conclusion and find the best treatment option or recovery program to overcome substance abuse.

To find professional help to treat your addiction, or at least some form of therapy or mediation that will prompt your loved one to seek addiction treatment call now. Interventionists or addiction specialists are available at 954-692-2178 to help you and your loved one go through this process successfully. Don’t allow chemical dependency lower your quality of life.